I want to create images for you that last a lifetime because I understand that this is one of the most important days in each of your lives. Wedding photographs are some of the few that are printed and framed or used to create an album in order to serve as a reminder of the special bond you share together.


What I like to do is to have coffee (or tea, I am English I have to warn you) beforehand with both of you and preferably in your home. This gives me a chance to get a feeling of what you're both like but also a little bit of your lifestyle and style. This helps me make creative suggestions of what you might like. During this meeting I get to hear all of your exciting plans for the big day and how exactly you'd like it to be captured. From here I suggest its useful to create a mood board together (via pinterest, its very easy if you've never used it before) so that you have an idea about specific shots you'd love to have.


Sometime before the day I also need to see the venue/venues so that I have an idea of how I can move around and where I can make specific shots. I prefer to do this with one or both of you so that when I have questions they can be easily answered and we can make some test shots together.


My style is very much reportage which means I search for natural shots (it's always special to have some groups shots so that is of course possible, after all this is your big day, why shouldn't you get everything you want?). I just feel that the shots that create the most emotion when looking back at them, are the ones where people have no idea that they're being photographed.


I hope that this gives you an accurate idea of who I am as a photographer and what you could expect if I worked for you, but if you have any further questions please feel free to get into contact.