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I have always loved stories. Growing up with a mother who is ardent on the importance of literature and an Irish grandfather who has storytelling in his blood, it was somewhat inevitable.

While my youth was spent exploring other people's stories, it wasn't until I was 18 and spent the year travelling that I started exploring my own story. Since then I have visited countless countries and cultures, always looking to add to my own story. Eventually I started to externalise these self-reflections and I began searching for the stories of other people (especially those from another walk of life).

A few years ago my journey brought me to The Netherlands, a country whose people and culture are more open and direct than maybe any other in the world or at least certainly more than back home in England. It is this honesty that has kept me here, helping me to search for a manner in which to visually communicate the stories I want to tell.​

As a result of my search for truth, reportage has quickly become my favourite way of working. It's in the unguarded moments, the ones where you aren't aware of the presence of the camera, that you can capture someone's genuine personality or mood. I work a lot as a portrait photographer ( and it's this telling of the true you that I am constantly busy with. What wedding photography provides me with is an opportunity to have contact with a lot of people who are sharing the same emotional experience, allowing me an insight into earnest feelings and a couple getting Happily Married.

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